Thermosonics Private Limited

Thermal Spray Chamber & Dust Collection System


  • Modular special inverted 'L' Shaped Sliding acoustic door.
  • Adequate Ventilation to evacuate heat generated by thermal process.
  • Auxiliary ventilation for operator comfort.
  • Suitable Dust Collection unit.
  • Aptly designed dust collection hood/ ducting is our specialty.
  • Illumination using
  • Vision Acoustic Glass panels.
  • P.L.C. Unit for integration and sequencing of all electrical items.
  • Noise reduction according to CPCB norms.
  • Every Project includes Quality Assurance Plan / Bar Chart/ Drawings submittal.

HVOF Coating

  • Our thermal spray chambers are satisfactorily operating over 20 installations in India and abroad. Acoustic enclosure poses difficulty in job loading/ unloading. To overcome this difficulty inverted ‘L’ shaped sliding Acoustic doors are designed. 
  • These doors can be designed in various types like single/double – sliding in opposite direction, telescopic etc. They can be made either manually operable or powered by geared by rack and pinion arrangement. These sliding doors come with special drop seals for better noise control. 
  • Dust collection system with dust collection hood design based on the type of dust and as per ventilation requirement of the process is also provided along with the Thermal Enclosure. 
  • Dust collector system may be dry type dust collector or Wet type collection, depending on the process. Adequate Auxiliary Ventilation is designed for human comfort, which is necessary for the operator while job loading/unloading, job setting.

Thermal Spray Acoustic Enclosure

  • We design, manufacture, supply, install and commission Acoustic Enclosure for Thermal Spray Application. 
  • This Enclosures are equipped with flameproof illumination, auxiliary ventilation as per approved standards. Thermal spray application requires special conditions to operate due to high generation of noise, dust & heat.
  • We provide compact space for this activity using modular acoustic enclosure along with effective dust collection & adequate ventilation & customized ‘inverted L’ shaped sliding doors as per site requirement for loading/unloading.