Thermosonics Private Limited

With our vast experience in acoustical control and mitigation, clients have approached us to provide a quick and simple solution for noise reduction. Our team evaluates the requirement from our customers and design an effective solution based on industry standards using globally accepted quality materials.

Thermosonics has regularly supplied high grade acoustic units for doors, windows and louvers depending on the most ideal applications of the product. We have experience in analyzing the operational needs for our clientele and ensure that the supplied ancillary units match the acoustic effectiveness of the already existing structure.

Thermosonics provides the following units as our appurtenant products

Acoustic Louvres are designed for maximum sound reduction when space is limited. They are aesthetically pleasing. Metal Acoustic Louvres are normally used as a part of the intake / exhaust air system buildings, structures or equipment.

Thermosonics is well known manufacturer of Acoustic Doors. This metal doors offered by us are manufactured in steel, single or double leaf, horizontal or vertical sliding. These provide excellent noise suppression in new build or refurbishment projects.

Our doors may be designed for either swing door or sliding door application with strong expertise in providing ‘inverted L’ door. These are made to operate either manually or push button automation system. Clients have achieved noise suppression of over 10 dB in their existing structure using doors manufactured by Thermosonics.

We design & manufacture silent air ventilation systems to solve complicated needs for ventilation of our clients. Duct Attenuators are used mainly to reduce aerodynamic noise generated by equipment and propagated through media flow. Sound Attenuators / Duct Attenuators are designed primarily based on the predominant sound frequency of noise source.

The ventilation system are built up of integrated panels with quick installation and servicing capabilities. Various shapes and sizes are available that provide minimal space consumption and effective soundproofing to suit customer requirements.