Thermosonics Private Limited

What we offer

With over 20 years of professional experience in providing acoustical solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, our team at Thermosonics Private Limited offer wide range of products and services customized to provide a holistic solution according to the clientele’s needs, desires and problems.

Our research and design team bring to the table extensive insight and expertise of over two decades and ensure that we cross all the t’s and dot the i’s in meeting all the industrial and government criteria while developing our products. Some prominent features visible across our products are –

  • Strict adherence to norms by Central pollution control board (CPCB) & Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEFCC India)
  • Ready to install modular design
  • Pertinence to both outdoor and indoor applications
  • Provision for access doors, illumination and ventilation (as required)

Depending on the source and nature of the noise produced or the operational intent, Thermosonics provides the following range of products


Acoustic Enclosure for Rotating Equipment (AERE)

Structures built to cancel noise and vibrations arising from daily operations of any rotary equipment

Acoustic Enclosure for Forming Equipment (AEFE)

Enclosures built for forging machines that achieve desired drop in noise levels

Acoustic Thermal Spray Chambers (ATSC)

Acoustically and thermally sealed enclosures for spray chambers with installed dust collection system

Soundproof Operator Cabins (SOC)

These cabins function as acoustically sound space for personnel working near or around machines while enabling regular monitoring of their performance

Anechoic Test Chambers (ATC)

The purpose of these rooms is to provide correct acoustical environment for carrying out different tests without any interference of outside noise and correct reverberation time within

Vehicle Mounted Acoustic Enclosure (VMAE)

Acoustically proofed enclosures built to seal vehicle mounted equipment for on/ off site activities


Noise Barrier

Separations or barricades erected to provide sufficient reduction in noise levels from ambient sources , design based on location and noise source

Retractable Walls for Acoustic Partition

RWAP units are designed like a noise barrier and installed along the length of a room for an effective separation.

Room Treatment

Treatment method provided for a more efficient means to reduce the noise levels within a work / living space without affecting the aesthetics

Sound Attenuators

Sound attenuators are used to reduce noise generated by air or gas flow by keeping the pressure drop as low as possible.


Acoustic Louvers

Louvers designed to provide reduction in noise levels around air exhaust systems

Acoustic Doors

Metal doors manufactured in single or double leaf, horizontal/ vertical sliding have excellent noise suppression

Acoustic Windows

Padded windows manufactured using high quality products provide excellent suppression of noise and vibraiton

Silent Air Ventilation System (SAVS)

Customized application to suppress noise from ventilation systems