A fabricated arrangement designed to enclose any equipment/structure either completely or partially to achieve maximum suppression of noise is termed as an Acoustic Enclosure. The applications for such enclosures vary depending upon the industry or sector being implemented. Our acoustic enclosures are a leading brand in noise attenuation (reduction) and have been in service for close to 20 years.

Our product range for enclosures include – 

1) Acoustic Enclosure for Rotary Equipment (AERE)
These are enclosed structures built to cancel noise and vibrations arising from daily operations of an air compressor, turbine, industrial blower or other rotary equipment. Among everyday activities within industrial and commercial applications these equipment play a vital role and operate at exceedingly high decibels with varying frequency and bandwidth. Long or continuous exposure to such noise can cause serious health issues.

At Thermosonics we offer our customers a permanent solution with our unique acoustic enclosures. Some of its salient features are

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2) Acoustic Enclosure for Forming Equipment (AEFE)
Steel industries and equipment manufacturers employ forge or hammer machines for various forming processes that produce high pitch noise when in service. These noises are both a distraction and disturbance for personnel within the work area of the factory unit. Thermosonics has been a market leader in supplying enclosures for forming machines that achieve desired drop in noise levels while ensuring proper heat dissipation and ventilation to maintain safe working conditions.

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3) Acoustic Thermal Spray Chamber (ATSC)

As a pioneer in construction of acoustically sealed structures, Thermosonics supplies acoustically controlled thermal spray chambers, with over 20 installations performing efficiently worldwide. Our designs give impetus to process specific requirements while ensuring all parameters are achieved.

HVOF chambers, one of the most common coating processes, are usually placed in a high work intensity area and requires good insulation from the noise produced during spray process along with safe and effective method for collecting excess particles emitted. Thermosonics considers for this and supplies a dust collection system with industry rated ventilation systems that operate in unison with our spray chambers.

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Thermosonics has been designing enclosures for thermal spray chambers with the following attributes

4) Sound Proof Operator Cabin (SPOC)

Requirement for human interface remains a vital part in major industries. For most onsite and offsite activities undertaken by our clientele a requirement for a safe and controlled space is often necessary for personnel to monitor or conduct maintenance.

These cabins function as acoustically sound space for personnel working near or around machines while enabling regular monitoring of their performance. The cabins may be used as control rooms, rest area or computer rooms etc.

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For their needs, industries have often relied on Thermosonics for our tried and tested product, Soundproof operator cabins. We offer options based on operational needs along with the level of customization requested. These cabins are usually installed permanently on site or can be portable in design for easy transport.

Important features of the cabins are

5) Audiometric Booth (AB)

Our expertise on acoustic control is not limited to cancelling noise dissipating outwards but also in creating effective sound barrier from external sources. The basic purpose of these rooms is to provide correct acoustical environment for carrying out different tests without any interference of outside noise and correct reverberation time within. Such chambers are prevalent in hospitals or clinics, with ENT specialist and audiology department or with industries performing tests for audio/ video devices.

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Thermosonics designs these audiometric rooms to near perfection in order to achieve the desired RC levels for audiology testing. Our highly skilled and experienced team ensures the use of excellent material from qualified vendors while following global quality standards in fabrication.

The characteristics of these units are

6) Vehicle Mounted Acoustic Enclosure (VMAE)

On multiple occasions, for convenience and to reduce construction costs, clients prefer to utilize vehicle mounted equipment such as DG sets, blowers or compressors for managing site activities. Thermosonics’ sound technical mindset and fabrication capabilities have enabled us to become a distinguished supplier of acoustically proofed enclosures for vehicle mounted equipment.

Our design ensures easy installation onto the vehicle frame without damaging its structural integrity and enabling sufficient buffer from the noise produced inside. We have succeeded in attaining a noise drop of over 15 dB while also maintaining the vehicle’s aesthetic features.

The most notable aspects include


We offer customized solutions using latest technology in acoustical engineering.