Thermosonics Private Limited

Acoustic Barrier

We provide effective Acoustic/Noise Barriers which are aesthetically pleasing and modular in nature. They are easy to ship & install as well. Noise Barriers are mainly installed at the edge of the roads, compound walls of houses, at construction sites etc. Acoustic Barrier/Noise Barrier is normally manufactured based on factors such as aesthetics, maintenance, cost etc.

Stationery Noise Barrier

  • In the case of surface transportation activities like roadways & railways, vehicular movement produces noise of various intensity depending on vehicular type, load on vehicle, condition of road etc.
  • To protect humans and other living beings from the roadway/railway noise, barriers are installed between noise source & receiver.
  • Also, in some cases, the best solution to curb noise transmission between two buildings/activities would be to install a noise barrier.


Customized design
Modular in nature
Suitable for long life
Easy to install

Portable Noise Barrier

This barrier can be used for attenuating temporary noise like noise from construction work, fabrication noise etc. The constructional features of the mobile barriers is same as Highway barriers except the fact that they offer mobility.


Mobile in nature
Light in weight
Customized shape & color