As population increases, production and transportation of goods increase to meet the global demand for human survival and comfort. Noise is a by-product of the goods produced and its transportation. More roads and railways are built to achieve connectivity among industrial and modern cities, towns and villages.

In spite of advanced technology, aerodynamic design of vehicles and better transportation systems, high intensity noise generation is imminent due to demand for larger and faster transportation vehicles which convert a portion of energy consumed into noise energy, which is defined as Noise Pollution.

In order to provide efficient means of noise suppression where enclosures cannot be built and when simpler soundproofing methods are viable, acoustic barriers are introduced. Depending on the source of noise and need of the customer, Thermosonics provides cost effective solutions that have a durable design, low maintenance cost and longer life cycle.

Thermosonics has designed, fabricated and installed following variations of acoustic barriers across industrial, commercial and residential spaces

1) Noise Barriers

Noise pollution caused due to transportation, manufacturing and other activities have an adverse impact on human health. To create a hospitable environment to live and work there is a need to alleviate noise produced, noise barriers have proven to be an effective solution to this problem.

Thermosonics has a strong forte in designing and producing in house noise barriers that are both technically sound and aesthetically pleasing. The production of noise barriers depends upon the desired acoustic performance and the environment/ soil condition at site of installation. With these in mind we provide the following types of noise barriers.

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Some notable features of the Noise barriers are

The following table provides a detailed information on effectiveness of noise barriers for mono and bi – absorbent walls

50 MM THK. 100 MM THK. 50 MM THK. 100 MM THK.
ALUMINIUM 10-12 15-17 16-18 24-27
GI SHEET 8-10 14-16 12-14 20-22
POLYCARBONATE 8-12 10-14 16-18 20-22

2) Retractable Walls for Acoustic Partition (RWAP)

Effective space utilization is a vital quality within the commercial and industrial sector. Often occasions require larger spaces to be divided into smaller areas for work or event management purposes. Thermosonics provides our clientele across the hospitality sector with a cost effective yet acoustically sound wall barrier. These units are designed similar to a noise barrier and installed along the length of a room that slides across to create an effective separation.

These units are generally seen within conference halls and large auditoriums where the need to create a separation for private and public spaces is a must. The walls are linearly stack noise barriers with small thickness for easy movement during retraction.

Retractable Partition

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The standout features of our walls are

2) Acoustic Room Treatment

At times, customers have already executed noise control methodology but fail to meet the desired requirement as per statutory norms. We have expertise in diagnosing the shortfall and provide customised solutions through our room treatment technique. Applications for soundproofing extend not only to equipment but also to augment noise cancelling ability of rooms with layers of proofing materials and other techniques.

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For structures built to ensure an optimum level of sound for operational or residential purposes, the room treatment method provides a more efficient means to reduce the noise levels without affecting the aesthetics of the room. Our designs are custom built with modular installation, and provided with acoustic doors, windows and other auxiliary systems like ventilation, exhaust and illumination based on client requirements.


We offer customized solutions using latest technology in acoustical engineering.