Thermosonics offers the set services like Noise Survey, Building Acoustics, Noise Dispute Redressal, Acoustic Treatment services, Super Sound Proofing etc. As a result you may choose from a selection of standard or custom engineered services that will satisfy the requirements of each application.

Noise Survey

For occupational hygiene purposes, the sound pressure level is measured to determine noise exposures. Various instruments and techniques may be used. The choice depends on the workplace noise and the information needed. However, the first step is to determine if there is a noise problem in the workplace.

Building Acoustics

Industrial Acoustics we have proven acoustical performance with aesthetically designed metal panels to create a wall covering system that is durable and architecturally pleasing. Our metal panels provide an easy to install , economic solution for industrial , commercial interiors where continuous wall surface coverage is required for sound absorption. Our acoustical metal panels are rugged enough for industrial environments, yet attractive enough for placement in commercial and institutional spaces like offices , auditoriums and gymnasiums. Our metallic acoustic panels provide noise control, durability and longevity with good finish.





Noise Dispute Redressal

Thermosonics Pvt. Ltd address the Noise dispute between Two Parties & provide standard solution to them.
This includes bringing the Noise level within the permissible limits as per CPCB norms.


Acoustic Treatment services

Thermosonics design and manufacturing company has been leading the way in Noise control, Acoustics, Insulation and Green Building Products. Mix and match your favorite colors, fabrics and shapes to create a unique design and acoustic treatment unlike any other.






Super Sound proofing

Thermosonics with its emence Knowledge & experienced team, has carried out various projects in which the Noise level cannot be brought down with normal Acoustic products & Super sound proofing needs to be carried out.