Acoustic Operator Cabin

At times it is practically not possible to reduce noise by complete or partial enclosures on noise sources due to their size, location or any other aspect. In such case, operators / persons who need to be protected from noise pollution are provided with noise reducing modular cabins

Industrial Acoustic Operator Cabin

Operators / persons who need to be protected from noise pollution are provided with noise reducing modular cabins. We are involved in providing our customers Noise Acoustic Operator Cabin which are aesthetically good and can be shifted by dismantling. Our superior quality Cabins offer sound attenuation to the desired level yet maintaining visibility, comfortable ventilation, accessibility etc. Capacity of forced ventilation provided to acoustic operator cabins depends on amount of heat evacuation from the cabin, oxygen / humidity requirement of occupants etc. These modular cabins can be used as control rooms, rest areas , computer rooms or for any other use that requires controlled environment.


  • Good aesthetics with desired interiors
  • Noise Control
  • Suited for Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • Adequate Ventilation
  • Illumination ( On requirement )
  • Vibration Isolation ( On requirement )
  • Vision Acoustic Glass panels
  • Noise reduction according to CPCB norms
  • Every Project includes Quality Assurance Plan / Bar chart / Drawings submittal.


Portable Acoustic Operator Cabin

We design acoustic booths/cabins which suitable for external uses. These are called acoustic cabins, acoustic booths Control cabins, acoustic control rooms. These booths/cabins are modular on design by double layered acoustic Panels which are pre-fabricated in our factory absorbers raw materials and reflectors are adjust inside the booth as result in practice proven as acoustic booths types in different application.

Acoustic audio booths are by self supporting panels, acoustic doors & windows in through acoustic insulations and International absorption materials with conformity of health observation protocol by ISO 6183-1983.



  • Noisel environments
  • Dusty & Stormy environments
  • Humidity Control
  • Thermal Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Pollution Protection